These five symptoms show that your diabetes is Completely curable in Ayurveda.

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

These five symptoms show that your diabetes is Completely curable in Ayurveda.

Before looking at these symptoms, let's look at the basics of what diabetes is.

It's the sugar that gives our body energy. All of the foods we eat are subject to different chemical changes and are eventually converted into sugar by the body. With the help of insulin, the body utilizes the converted sugar.

Diabetes is caused by the body not taking in the required sugar or by insulin secretion from the pancreas.

Why is our level of blood sugar rising?

There are a lot of reasons for that.

Type 1 diabetes

The immune system attacks and destroys the beta cells of our pancreas, which increase the blood sugar levels. The pancreas is therefore unable to produce the insulin that the body needs.

Type 2 diabetes

The level of sugar in the blood increases because the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or our body tissues do not take in the insulin it produces.

Diabetes Type 1 is very rare. It's only about 10% of the world. It's kind of hard to cure.

But don't worry about that. About 90% of people worldwide have type 2 diabetes which diabetes is rare. It can be completely cured in our Ayurveda.

Well, let's look at your five major symptoms now.

Answer the following questions on average for three to six months, not just yesterday.

The girl who stayed awake all night in bed

1. Do you still have insomnia? Or does it take a lot of time to get back to sleep at the right time and wake up in between?

Insomnia is the perfect sign you have type 2 diabetes.

2. Does your mouth dry quickly? Do you feel that more at night? Does it dry out even after taking too much water?

If yes, the next right question for you is whether you have constipation.

3.Constipation is not excessive constipation. Feeling a bit uncomfortable without being normal?

It's because dry mouth and constipation are almost directly related.

4. Do you have headaches often? Does it come twice or three times a week?

This means that you have diabetes that can be easily cured.

5.Do the limbs get numb easily? Or is it like pulling your arm or leg because of weakness?

Having these means that you have as much type 2 diabetes as much as possible. In short, according to Ayurveda, your problem is caused by VATA SLESHMA NADI.

There's no need to take medicine for the rest of your life. You can fully recover and even go back to your normal life.

Well, who's going to get diabetes? Or why did that diabetes come about?

Only three kinds of people have diabetes.

First: those who fail to eat or perhaps skip meals on time

Second: those who do not sleep on time, or those who sleep during the day with the night eye wake.

Third: Worse than both of these are people who are overstressed or depressed.

Even if two of these three causes had been high in the past, the chances of getting diabetes would have been higher.

It is therefore very important for Ayurvedic medicine to eat at the right time, sleep properly, and keep your mind happy. By doing so you can heal more quickly and prevent the recurrence of diabetes.

There is therefore no need for diabetes to be a hereditary disease or an incurable disease that can be treated with medication for a lifetime.

So get the right treatment under Ayurvedic medicine and get rid of diabetes and live a happy life without medications.

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