Can hypothyroid be cured permanently?

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

A woman with a thyroid looks at her neck for irritation in her throat.

Yes. Hypothyroid can be permanently cured in Ayurveda within 2-3 months. We treat the disease on a Tri-Dosha basis, which gives us a higher rate of success in the treatment of hypothyroidism in many women.

All right, we'll take a look at what is hypothyroidism, and what it can be done in our body.

Women are 10 times more affected than men in general. Especially in the age group of 24-40 years.

Thyroid hormones are produced for the essential function of the body. In hypothyroidism, hormones are not produced in sufficient quantities. This leads to more complications, such as weight gain, tiredness, and increased heart rate, and more.

Why does thyroid cause weight gain?

Your thyroid hormones are the main reason for your body's metabolism. Low thyroid hormones are produced in hypothyroidism so that your body burns fewer calories so that the remaining calories are automatically converted to fat. Along with this fluid and salt accumulate throughout the body, there is also a reason for weight gain in this condition.

The relation between thyroid and periods?

Naturally, women's menstrual cycles are more dependent on thyroid hormones, so low thyroid hormones can slow down the monthly cycle, or sometimes stop for a month or more. Overall, 20 % of women with hypothyroidism have this menstrual problem.

A woman with a thyroid has been shocked to see a hair loss in her comb.

Why thyroid causes hair loss?

In hypothyroidism Generally, the body's metabolism will be slow. This is also reflected in your hair growth. There is a type of cell in our body called a stem cell. Which is the main reason for all growths in the body. In hypothyroidism, stem cell growth is affected, which is reflected in your slow hair growth or hair loss. But don't worry about hair loss due to thyroid, it will grow back if your condition is completely treated.

Surprisingly, your body is easily tired with hypothyroidism. Because part of your body's energy generation is dependent on thyroid hormones. Decreased the level of thyroid hormone leads to a decrease in your energy level, which is why most patients feel tired in this condition.

Okay, now we know about hypothyroidism and what which causes in our body. How thyroid can be controlled?

Simply avoid food containing goitrogens such as cauliflower, cabbage, radish, peanuts, etc. Excessive use of cabbage causes imbalances in thyroid hormones in many women. Try to avoid the green leafy vegetables at the time of hypothyroidism and undergoing treatment for this condition.

"If you are trying to remove a tree that isn't cut out of the branches, pull it out of the root. This is the right way to do it."

The modern medicine is doing well now, but it's all just removing the branches. The problem is growing again and again.

In the Ayurvedic system, the diseases uprooted by Tri-Dosha treatment method. We can therefore find a permanent solution to your chronic condition.

Do you have any of the above symptoms, or have you had thyroid without a cure for many years?

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